Security of Your Business

Do you already know how to properly organize the security of your business?

A business interests and reputation are exposed to a variety of risks, including fraud by employees, management or counterparties. Business owners may underestimate the degree of theft, the amount of damage, and the potential danger of losing the business.

Fraud risks surround organizations from all sides. The attacker may be one of the company's employees or from outside, and in many cases, internal and external fraudsters are acting in collusion. That is why the right organization of business security is needed.

AntiFraudManagement employees conduct independent investigations. Our task is to organize compensation for the damage caused and prevent illegal actions in the future. We help both to identify and prevent the commitment of a crime, as well as avoid unpredictable interference from regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

It is on these principles that business security is organized.

Our services

  1. Audit the company's internal control system. It includes identifying bottlenecks in the organization of business processes and providing recommendations for its improvement.

  2. Personnel audit. Identify interests conflict and risks of fraud, harmful addictions and financial burdens of employees, reputational risks. Legal psychophysiological testing.

  3. Independent investigation of the fraud facts. Calculation of the incurred losses, preparation of the evidenсу base for the return of assets and compensation for the damage received in proper way.

  4. Corporate intelligence. Comprehensive verification and monitoring of the counterparties reliability, identification of their affiliation.

  5. M&A Due Diligence. Research and analysis of information about the investment object, potential sellers / buyers of assets.

  6. Investigation of cyber incidents. Information security audit. Audit of system penetration resistance.

Reasons to contact us

You need the intelligent investigation:
counterparty or partner
investment object
the existing internal control system
company employees.

The fact of deliberate deception, corruption, disclosure of classified information, a cyber incident was revealed, and another illegal action took place.

When you know that:
The activities of the company are not fully controlled by you.
Business processes are not formalized, there is no working internal control system.
There is no independent examination of activities, accounting and reporting.
A signal has arrived, one of the indicators of fraud has appeared.

  • Some indicators of fraud

    Significant adjustments in financial statements, contradictions, inconsistency of the state of the company with the data provided.

    Detection during inventory of unaccounted for materials, other assets, shortages, the presence of counterfeit or low-quality products, excess of production defects, faults.

    Decrease in sales volumes without corresponding reasons.

    Systematic customer complaints about deteriorated product quality.

    The variance between the expenses of the discredited employee and his income.

What benefits will you get

  • Time and money economy

    Our private practice, narrow specialization, access to various sources of information allows us to quickly and efficiently carry out the necessary examinations, identify schemes or other offenses.

    Author's system, approach

    Fraud detection and investigation, fraud risk identification and assessment based on the POP principle (process, organization, participants).

    Completeness of the evidence base

    The key to recovering lost property, reimbursing losses, bringing those responsible to justice.


    Protection of the client's interests is based on the fact that confidential information obtained during the investigation will not be transferred to third parties.


  • Team Member

    Nikolayenko Aleksandr

    An experienced manager with over 20 years of working in international and Ukrainian companies.

    Professional with deep practical knowledge of international accounting and reporting standards (ACCA DipIFR certificate), tax accounting, financial analysis.

    Extensive experience in international trade, practical application of knowledge of foreign jurisdictions and the settlements.

    Member of ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners).

    Expert in providing services:

    Identification and investigation of corporate fraud.

    Strategic planning, business project assessment, tax planning.

    Preparation, consolidation and audit of financial statements.

    Systematization, modeling and automation of business processes.

    Team Member


    Highly qualified specialist with economic security and internal audit.

    23 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, agriculture, trade and the public sector.

    10 years in leadership positions.

    Certified economist with qualifications in accounting, control and analysis of economic activities.

    Expert in providing services:

    Economic, physical, informational and engineering and technical security (from creating a model to its implementation).

    Conducting internal audit and forensic investigations.

    Investigation of corporate fraud, corruption.

    Organization of preventive control in the field of public / corporate procurement.